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Orcas or Killer Whales are the largest of all the Dolphins and swim in family groups of up to a dozen.

Alor Orca - Click to ENLARGEOver the past two decades, we have documented the migrating habits of various groups of Orcas through the Alor Archipelago.

On many previous occasions, we have offered our guests the once in a lifetime opportunity to snorkeling with these "Gentle Giants".

The largest group we have encountered was a family group of nine females with juveniles and one satellite male.

With this particular group, we snorkeled with them on three separate occasions coming within meters of them.

Schooling Orcas - Click to ENLARGEOur fascination with these giant mammals is never ending and we often spend many hours just observing their unique behavior as they go about their lives.

We recently witnessed a unique spectacle of a group of three individuals systematically isolate and kill a dolphin right in front of us.

Sorry our photographs are not of National Geographic quality. We'll try harder next time.