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We collaborate with dozens of local facilitators while diving in Alor to provide you with a more involved diving experience.

Boats, transportation, hotels and private caterers are all locally sourced.

After almost 24 years of living and doing business in Indonesia, we have found that this is the best way to benefit the local economy.

Local boys saying 'HELLO' - Click to ENLARGE

Benefit from our 16 years of diving the Alor archipelago.

We work together with the local communities both in the main town of Kalabahi and out in the villages scattered throughout the islands to achieve a memorable diving tour for all of our guests.

As Dive Alor Dive is 100% Indonesian owned, 100% of all income is spent in Indonesia - so boost the local economy and dive with us


An Alor wall dive - Click to ENLARGEThe Dives

We normally do three day dives per day and night dives are also a common occurrence, so basically, the amount of dives you do is totally up to you.

We plan all no-decompression dives and safety stops are mandatory. We also have diving Computers for hire.

We have ten complete sets of diving equipment, sixty dive tanks and two Bauer portable compressors that ensure an abundant supply of fresh air for your dives.

Bring Your Camera

Our boat facilities are perfect for underwater photographers with several large freshwater rinse tubs for even the largest of cameras and a large dry platform for camera assembly and maintenance.


Clown frogfish posing for photograph - Click to ENLARGEDonovan is also a P.A.D.I. Underwater Photography Specialty Instructor and Underwater Videotography Specialty Instructor who is keen to pass on his experience and expertise. Courses in these disciplines are also available.

220 volt on board charging is also available for groups of dedicated photographers that require 24 hour charging facilities to ensure maximum output for their batteries and strobes. Please advise us if this service is required.

All, to give you, our guests, an exciting and unforgettable diving and touring experience in the beautiful Alor Archipelago. Contact Us for bookings and prices of our full package tours.

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