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"The fact that my family have been diving in Alor with 'Dive Alor' every year since 1993 is sufficient proof that the diving in Alor is still great.”

Robert Van Heren,
Holland, Rescue Diver,
400+ dives (2007)

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“World Class diving! Kal’s dream’ is to be dived again and again and again. Of all my underwater sojourns, Alor is among the Best!”

Michael Aw,
Singapore, Instructor,
Photographer & Author of
“Sulawesi Seas”

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“Absolutely fantabulous! This destination is definitely part of the Datrees World Travel Company’s itinerary!!”

Denise Le Bel,
Singapore, Advanced Diver,
50+ dives

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"I enjoyed seeing the Manta Rays, Sharks, Turtles, Dolphins, Whales and that huge Napoleon Wrasse."

Adrienne May,
Australia, O/W Diver,
25+ dives

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"More big fish, prolific swarming masses of schools than anywhere I've seen in 20 years of diving."

Ken Parker,
U.S.A., Advanced Diver,
1000+ dives

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"We saw huge Sunfish, Reef Sharks, Turtles, Moray Eels, Rays, Napoleon Wrasse, Dog-tooth Tuna, Barracuda and loads of beautiful Reef Fish
all in just three dives."

Helen Roberts,
England, Advanced Diver,
30+ dives

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"For big fish and invertebrate diversity, this is the best in Indonesia. 100's of Dolphin leaping in line, Donovan's Electric Clam, Giant Stingrays, Lemon Sharks, Barracuda, don't miss this show!"

Brian Barley,
U.S.A., O/W Diver,
50+ dives

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"Had a great time - loved the sharks, especially the Thresher. Alor diving defies description - must be experienced."

Marnie Williams,
U.S.A., Advanced Diver,
500+ dives

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"The diving was superb, some of the sites are literally beyond description! Even the currents experienced on 'Kal's Dream' were acceptable due to the fish festival that was always in progress."

Paul King,
England, Advanced Diver,
100+ dives