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Photograph of demise - Click to ENLARGEWith the island of Timor playing such a strategic role during the Second World War, it's no wonder it's well known for it's historic importance.

During 1944 there was a great battle for the island of Timor which involved the Australians and the Japanese, both of whom had a military presence here. Ships, tanks, jeeps, airplanes and the Japanese even had a submarine in the area.


Sketch of the Wreck - Click to ENLARGEJust moments from the city of Kupang, in a secluded bay of Semau Island, lies an old Japanese Wartime Wreck in perfect diving depth. Sketches from Jack and Joyce Edmunds(who discovered the wreck with us) show it was most likely a supply ship of some kind.

Australian Squadron - Click to ENLARGEWhen we discovered it around 12 years ago it's origins were a total mystery, but since then we have researched it thoroughly and even have uncovered official photographs and literature of it's demise.

Australian newspaper article - Click to ENLARGEIt's story even found it's way into the Northern Territory's newspaper in Australia after Jack and Joyce spent tens of hours diving, documenting and researching it's history.

Another dive site, not far away, called "Relic's Reef", an anchorage used by large vessels since the Dutch period and is literally scattered with artifacts.